What are the differences between Edge and Chrome?

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A few days ago Microsoft showed the public the first preview of its new Edge browser which, as we have known for some time, is no longer based on proprietary technology from the Redmond company but on Google's open source Chromium project. Edge, too, is about to join the long list of Google Chromium-based browsers.

For this reason, there are many who fear that Edge will be nothing more than a version of Chrome with an interface revisited by Microsoft. In reality this is not the case, because from what emerges by analyzing the preview, and from what Microsoft has declared, they are at least fifty Chromium services that have been disabled in Edge, to replace them with others developed at home. Among these, logically, there are all those closely related to Google services such as Google Now, Google Pay, Google Cloud Messaging and so on. Other changes compared to standard Chromium, however, are related to the technologies that Microsoft wants to manage personally to offer its users a specific user experience.

Microsoft Edge Vs Google Chrome: the differences between the two browsers

For example, Microsoft is bringing all the features into Edge to make the Edge browser perfectly compatible with home services, such as Microsoft accounts and Azure Active Directory for user authentication. There will also be the integration of Bing as the default search engine and the technologies necessary to better manage the multimedia contents protected by copyright inside the browser. And speaking of multimedia content, Edge will be able to play them with resolution up to 4k and colors in HDR or Dolby Vision.

Edge will also be compatible with Microsoft Hello, biometric facial recognition used as a user authentication method. The company also promises that the new Edge will offer users the same experience as the previous one in scrolling pages, both when viewing web pages and files in PDF format. On the other hand, support for touch screens is improved, especially as regards the virtual keyboard, and support for devices with CPUs in ARM64 architecture. At the moment, however, Microsoft has not yet finely defined the details of the Edge interface: the one you see in the preview is far from definitive by admission of the Redmond engineers themselves. But it is the same engineers who also proudly say that with the work developed for Edge, Microsoft has provided over 300 contributions useful for the development of the Chromium project.

What are the differences between Edge and Chrome?

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