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    The new Chrome has a PDF reader: how to activate it

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    Google released version 87 released in November of its Chrome browser adding a new PDF reader integrated with new features. The PDF Viewer Update allows you to preview thumbnails and adds a controller for zooming and the ability to rotate pages.

    The new integrated PDF reader in the browser improves the user experience, adding new buttons and display modes for both those who use Chrome on PC Windows than on devices MacOS. At the moment the function is not activated by default and in order to use it the user must activate it by going to the appropriate section Flags of Chrome, which allows it to be enabled. The redesigned reader in the latest version of Chrome resembles the PDF document viewer already integrated into the browser Firefox, which is currently considered the best reader of this type of file directly online.

    Chrome PDF reader: how to activate it

    The new PDF document reader of the Chrome browser Google is already available, but it is not enabled by default for users who use it. In order to start taking advantage of all the new features you need to access the Flags section by typing "chrome: // flags /" in the address bar of the browser.

    A screen will open that contains various options and you will need to search for PDF Viewer Update, open the drop-down menu and select Enabled and then click on Relaunch. The Chrome browser will then be reloaded and the new function to read PDF files will be enabled and ready to use.

    Chrome PDF reader: the new features

    Among the new features for the integrated PDF reader in the Chrome browser you will find support for viewing preview thumbnails, viewing annotations and the ability to view the structure of the document. These functions are accessible from the box on the left of the open PDF screen.

    The top bar instead adds new buttons that allow you to control the zoom percentage of the open document, to go to a specific page by entering the number in the box and two other new buttons "Fit to page", to view the whole page in the screen, and "Rotate", to change the orientation of the PDF.

    The new Chrome has a PDF reader: how to activate it

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