Tab revolution on Chrome and Edge: what changes

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A revolution of tab is in place for those who use browsers Chrome by Google ed Edge from Microsoft. Two new features have appeared in the search bar of browsers, both based on Chromium, which allow you to do internal searches on the sites and not to open double tabs while surfing the net.

Some users may already experience the two functions featured in Edge and Chrome, which appear directly when you type text into your browser's search bar. These are the options "Switch to this tab", which allows you to access the tab already open without opening a duplicate, and "Press TAB to search on", which allows internal research on the chosen site. There are currently no official announcements on the new features, which may be testing for both Google's and Microsoft's browsers.

Switch to this tab: how it works

If you use the Chrome or Edge browser, some users may have noticed a new and handy feature called Switch to this tab. When you have several tabs already open, by opening a new one and typing the text in the browser search bar, a box with the wording "Switch to this tab". By clicking on it, the user will access the tab already open, without the risk of opening two tabs with the same url.

Internal search of the sites: how it works

Another new feature appeared for some users while browsing on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome allows you to search internal websites directly from the search bar of the browser in use. Typing the name of the site, for example Facebook, a box will appear on the right in the search bar that says "Press TAB to search on Facebook".

Pressing the TAB key will open in the search bar the item "Search Facebook" and the suggestion "Type the search term". By entering the search term and pressing Enter, you will automatically enter the Facebook page with the results of the search just carried out. The feature is available for several websites that include internal search and is very useful for all users.

Tab revolution: who can use it

The new functions have been reported by several users who can already access them to navigate in a simplified way Google Chrome browser and Microsoft Edge. Neither browser has announced the new features, which may still be in the testing phase, and therefore not yet available to all users. To find out more, we will have to wait for more news from Google and Microsoft, which offer two browsers based on Chromium.

Tab revolution on Chrome and Edge: what changes

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