Speed ​​up Chrome for Android with 4 simple tricks

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Chrome, the famous Google browser, is undoubtedly one of the main "windows" used by users to browse the internet via computer. Chrome is also widely used on mobile devices, especially if you take into account smartphones and tablets that run on Android.

The browser is very fast and safe too. In addition, Google, with the frequent updates it releases, improves the performance of its browser more and more, yet by putting into practice a series of small tricks it is possible to make the version of Chrome for Android even more practical and efficient. And believe us, you don't need to be an expert. With some tricks it is possible to carry out searches with more precision, or to speed up the copy and paste of a link. And that's not all. There are some hidden functions that also allow you to improve the reading of the text of web pages which, as is known, is sometimes really difficult on smartphones.

First trick: automatic suggestions

One of the problems that more than any other slows us down when we are doing a search on Chrome for Android is that of copy and paste a link. The practice involves copying the hyperlink - from an email, a WhatsApp message or a Facebook post - and then pasting it into the application's address bar. The beta version of Chrome - available on the Google Play Store - includes a very clever feature that allows you to open the copied link directly, without necessarily pasting it into the browser.

To activate it is very simple. First thing: open the application and type the following command: chrome :/ / flags and hit enter. Now, click on the three-dot icon that you will find at the top right and from the drop-down menu on "Find on page". At this point you will see a window (positioned above the address bar) in which you will have to write "Omnibox tips clipboard URL". Once you have found the feature, all you have to do is enable it. And Voila, the feature is ready to be used. From this moment on, just copy the link and Chrome will automatically make you search.

Second trick: reading mode

As already mentioned, it is not always easy to read, especially in the presence of long articles written in small print, the text of a web page. Don't worry, by tweaking a bit, you can activate a feature - also available in the current version of Chrome - with which to improve reading. To enable the "Reader mode", as the feature is called, it is necessary to proceed as in the previous example, ie by first typing chrome: // flags in the Chrome address bar and then search for "Reader Mode" from "Find in the page". Once activated, in the presence of certain items, iThe browser will show the functionality below to use to make the text more readable.

Third trick: zoom

Will you be aware that you are not able to use the zoom on some sites and therefore not be able to zoom in on a particular section of the page? Probably yes. To always use the zoom on any website just enable "Forced Zoom Activation". How to do? From the settings just go to "Accessibility" and "check" the functionality.

Fourth trick: data saving

Google Chrome, already very fast in loading pages, has a feature that allows you to make the opening of a website even faster. By activating the "Data saver" the browser compresses the pages, decreasing the loading times and also the data traffic consumed. To enable the feature, simply go to the settings and search for "Data saver".

Speed ​​up Chrome for Android with 4 simple tricks

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