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    Skype for Web: screen sharing also on Chrome

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    Skype is one of the most successful services of Microsoft, and the company continues to add new features to always offer the best to its users. The Redmond company has added a new feature in Skype for the web, the browser version of the messaging application: now you can share your screen from Chrome.

    To take advantage of this feature, you will not need to download any third-party plug-ins or software. Microsoft has announced that it has introduced native support for screen sharing for those who use the Google browser. This news should not come as a surprise, especially since the new version of Edge is based on Chromium and therefore it is normal that Microsoft wants to make its services compatible with the platform developed by Google. And even if there is no official news, it is possible that Skype for web it will soon be made compatible with Microsoft's new browser, which is currently being tested.

    Skype: How screen sharing works

    La screen sharing it is one of the most appreciated features by users Skype. Allows you to show the contents of the display during a video call. For example, this option is used during distance learning. In this case, it can share the display with your audience and thus show the slides during the explanation. But this is just one of the many cases where the function can come in handy.

    To share your screen, you need to start the conversation on Skype and click on the + sign or on the three ellipsis (depends on the software version) and go to the item "Share screens". A window will open allowing you to choose the user or users to start sharing with.

    Skype web on Chrome: what it consists of

    La screen sharing it is therefore really essential. Microsoft strives to make it as universal as possible, that is, easy to use on different types of devices and platforms. For example, in April the function was also integrated into theSkype's mobile app and so you can use it for share the screen of mobile devices.

    A few days ago, theI also arrive su Chrome. This feature is currently only available to version users Preview. This is still a beta version of Skype, but the new feature doesn't seem to give any problems and you won't have to wait too long for its release.

    Skype for Web: screen sharing also on Chrome

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