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    How to use Chrome without slowing down your PC

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    Is Google Chrome slow? Does it often crash preventing you from surfing the net? The computer, at the same time, appears to be packed as if you have been using it nonstop for years. The reason for these apparently disconnected behaviors is only one: the many tabs open within the Google home browser.

    As we know, in fact, Chrome is particularly "gluttonous" of RAM and, the more navigation tabs are opened at the same time, the more resources will be occupied by the browser. To the detriment of other applications and the general performance of the PC. In fact, despite the efforts made in recent years by Google, the problem of the RAM occupied by Chrome is always very topical. Some tricks, however, allow you to better manage your Chrome tabs and recover so precious RAM to be "allocated" to other activities.

    Do not use the tabs as a bookmark

    The bookmarks or bookmarks have their own specific function. They allow you to create web shortcuts to immediately access your favorite pages. Use bookmarks instead of keeping dozens of web pages open just to remember where to go to see an interesting item, an item to buy or whatever. Doing so will avoid overloading Chrome.

    Use the tab options

    By clicking with the right mouse button on a tab we can view and select a series of options ideal for optimizing the use of Chrome: New tab on the right, Reload, Duplicate, Block, Mute site, Close, Close other tabs, Close tabs on the right. By always clicking with the right mouse button, but on the empty space next to the card, you can then view other important options: New tab, Reopen closed tab, Add all tabs to Favorites and Task Manager to keep Chrome under control and monitor its use of computer resources.

    Use extensions to manage tabs

    It's possible use Chrome extensions to manage and optimize the use of tabs. Be careful though, excessive use of extensions can slow down the normal functioning of the browser and increase the consumption of system resources. Among the best Chrome extensions to manage tabs we point out: OneTab, Session Buddy and The Great Suspender. Tab Snooze can also be very useful, in particular, this Chrome extension allows you to schedule the opening of certain tabs in the future.

    Reopen the last closed tab

    Did you inadvertently close a card you needed? Don't worry: Ctrl-Shift-T on Windows or Command-Shift-T on Mac. The accidentally closed tab will reopen instantly.

    Reopen the browser with all tabs

    If you accidentally close your browser with the myriad of tabs you had open and you need to reopen them all is there a trick to fix this. Just access the settings: type in the address bar the following string: "chrome: // settings /" and press enter. In the settings page look for the item "On startup" and select "Continue where you left off".

    How to use Chrome without slowing down your PC

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