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Chromecast shutdown

If your intention is to turn off Chromecast leaving the device connected to the TV, know that you cannot do this. Or rather, you can leave the dongle connected to the HDMI port of the TV, but to turn it off you have to remove its power source, which can be the USB port of the TV or the classic power outlet: this is because Chromecast does not have a switch or offer a function that allows it to be completely switched off.

As mentioned above, Chromecast is designed to stay connected to the TV and a power source constantly. If it is not running, so if there is no content transmission to the TV in progress, it consumes a negligible amount of power and therefore is not worth unplugging.

Furthermore, by keeping the dongle connected to the network, this will download the software updates that Google releases from time to time, which improve its performance and reliability. If you use Chromecast by connecting and disconnecting it continuously from the TV, it will search for updates as soon as it is connected to the TV (so when you intend to watch something) and will waste time downloading them: an operation that always requires a few minutes of waiting.

In short, think carefully before disconnecting Chromecast from the TV. If, in the light of what has just been said, you are equally willing to turn off the device completely, proceed as follows.

  • Make sure there are no broadcasts in progress: turn on the TV and tune it to the video output to which Chromecast is connected (eg. HDMI 1). If an app screen appears on the TV or a video is playing, stop the broadcast by pressing theChromecast icon (the Wi-Fi wave screen) on the device from which the content comes (e.g. smartphone) and select the option Disconnect give the menu check if you press.

  • Check the Chromecast LED indicator: if this is it Orange o red, wait. It means the device is downloading a updating and therefore it cannot be switched off (otherwise it would risk compromising its correct functioning). To make sure that Chromecast is actually downloading an update, turn on the TV and tune it to the video output the dongle is connected to (ex. HDMI 1). If the screen is black, there may be problems that require Chromecast to restart. More info here.
  • Unplug the Chromecast from the power source: the USB socket of the TV or the power socket (depending on the model of Chromecast you have and the power mode you have chosen to use). Once this is done, the Chromecast can be considered turned off.

Once the Chromecast is turned off, you can decide whether to keep it connected to the TV through the HDMI port of the same, so that you can put it back into operation simply by connecting it to a power source, or whether to disconnect it completely from the TV to put it back in its packaging or use it on others. televisions.

As easily understood, if the Chromecast is powered by the USB port of the TV, you can "turn off" the device even by disconnecting the TV from the power supply. In any case it is a drastic solution and definitely far from practical.

Chromecast restart

If your Chromecast is not working properly and / or is not detected by devices connected to the local network, you can try restart the device without disconnecting it from the TV and / or its power source.

To restart Chromecast from your smartphone or tablet, launch the application Google Home (which is available for both Android and iOS), making sure the device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the dongle. Then log in to yours Google account (if necessary) and select yours chromecast give the menu check if you press.

On the next screen, tap onicona dell'ingranaggio located at the top right, then on the button ... (always at the top right) and select the item Restart from the menu that is proposed to you. So give confirmation and the Chromecast will restart solving - at least hopefully - the problems encountered previously.

Chromecast reset

Did restarting Chromecast not have the desired effects? Does the device still not work properly? In these cases it is worth trying a full restore of the dongle, in order to restore it to the factory state and reset all its settings. This is a drastic operation - as it forces a new initial configuration of the device - but in certain cases it is the only solution that works.

reset Chromecast, make sure your smartphone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Google branded key, start the application Google Home (which is available for Android and iOS) and, if necessary, log in to yours Google account.

At this point, select yours chromecast and tap onicona dell'ingranaggio top right. To conclude, go up Remove device and press twice on Factory data reset. Within a few seconds, the Chromecast will reboot and be reset to the factory state. This means that it will "forget" the Wi-Fi network to connect to, the settings relating to the Google account and all other preferences (eg preferences relating to guest mode).

If you need help installing and configuring Chromecast for first use, follow my tutorial dedicated to the theme.

How to turn off Chromecast

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