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    How to show Google Chrome Favorites bar

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    Su computer (Windows, macOS e Linux)

    Want to find out how to show Google Chrome Favorites bar on your computer? Then first start the web browser on your computer via its icon on the desktop or in the menu Home, in the case of Windows; by clicking on the icon attached to Launchpad or to the folder Applications, in the case of MacOS; or invoke the search command attached to the dock, by typing chrome in the appropriate box and clicking on the program icon, in the case of Linux. Next you need to click on the button Menu (I cheer with i three dots that you find located in the upper right part of the window), you have to select the item Add to Wishlist from the menu that is shown to you and you need to click on Show Favorites Bar.

    That's it, now the Bookmarks bar should be enabled and displayed in every Chrome window. To make sure that the option has actually been enabled, open a new browser tab by clicking on the appropriate button located next to the last tab open in the tab bar and make sure that the bar with links to your bookmarks is displayed under the toolbar. addresses.

    In case of second thoughts, you can always and in any case disable the display of the Favorites bar simply by accessing the menu for managing Chrome favorites as seen above and unchecking the appropriate option.

    Alternatively, you can activate / deactivate the display of the Favorites bar on Google Chrome also via the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + B, in the case of Windows, or cmd + Shift + B, in the case of macOS.

    Now that you have discovered how to show Google Chrome Favorites bar, you can start saving your bookmarks in it. To do this, connected to the site you want to add to the Favorites bar, click on the icon in the shape of star located in the address bar and, in the box that opens, select Favorites bar from the drop-down menu that you find next to the item Folder: and click on the button end but I will complete the operation.

    You can also add folders to the Chrome Favorites bar by right-clicking on it and selecting the item Add folder ... from the menu that opens, while you can move and drag bookmarks and folders along the entire bar using the mouse freely.

    Do you want to import the bookmarks of another web browser in use on your computer to Chrome or do you want to export the ones you saved using the Google home browser? No problem, you can do that too. You ask me how? Well, check out my guide on how to save Chrome bookmarks right now to find out. You can find it all in detail!

    On smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS)

    You have a smartphone or tablet Android or a iPhone or iPad, do you use Google Chrome to surf the web and would you like to understand how to show the Favorites bar as seen on your computer earlier? Well, in that case I'm sorry to tell you but it is not possible to achieve the same result. In fact, no Favorites bar is available on a mobile device and, consequently, there is no option that allows you to enable its display. On smartphones and tablets, in fact, the favorites can be viewed by accessing a specific tab. If this interests you, instead of explaining how to show Google Chrome Favorites bar, I can tell you how to do it in that case.

    To access the tab where all the favorites are grouped on a mobile device, the first step you need to take is to access the Android or iOS home screen and press the app icon. Then tap the button Menu (I cheer with i three dots) that you find located in the right part of the browser window and then presses on the item Add to Wishlist attached to the menu that is shown to you. Once this is done, you will immediately be shown a new tab in the Chrome window through which you can view all the favorite folders on the left side of the same and the various bookmarks on the right side.

    You ask me how to add one or more favorites? I'll explain it to you right away. To begin with, connect to the web page you want to save as a favorite, then proceed as indicated below depending on the device in your possession.

    • If you are using an Android smartphone or an iPhone, pigia sul pulsating Menu and select the star icon from the menu that opened
    • If you are using an Android tablet or an iPad, tap on the icon in the shape of star which is located in the Chrome address bar.

    If you want to change the name and url of a specific bookmark, press the button with i three points that you find in correspondence with the same in the tab dedicated to bookmarks, select the item Modification from the menu that is shown to you and, when the changes are completed, stop on end.

    If you want to move a bookmark to another folder instead, choose the item Move from the menu visible after tapping on three points and indicates the new destination folder. You can also immediately create a new folder by tapping on New folder…, typing the name you want to assign to it and then tapping on end.

    If you want, you can also view the bookmarks on your computer. How you do it? Nothing simpler. Tap the i icon three dots located in the upper right part of the Chrome window on your device, choose the item Add to Wishlist and then tap the button with the three lines horizontally top left. Then tap on the folder that contains the favorite you want to view and then tap on the bookmark.

    Obviously, in order to view your computer's favorites and those you have saved on your other devices on mobile, you must have a Google account and you must log in to Chrome on each device. If you do not know how to do it and you are interested in furthering the matter, consult my tutorial on how to synchronize Chrome favorites through which I have provided you with all the details of the case.

    How to show Google Chrome Favorites bar

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