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    How to install Chrome on PC

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  • How to install Chrome on PC without Internet
  • How to uninstall Chrome on PC
  • Preliminary information

    Prima di enter the live tutorial, walking to spiegare how to install chrome on pc, there is some preliminary information, in this regard, which it is my duty to provide you.

    In case you are not aware of them, you need to know that there are more versions of Chrome, which differ from each other according to the use for which they are intended and, consequently, also to the needs of individual users.

    The version that is proposed for download to all users, indifferently, is that stable. This is essentially the final release of the browser. It has no known bugs or experimental features and, therefore, can be used without problems by anyone.

    However, the Google home browser is also usable in version Beta e Canary. The first variant, compared to the stable version, includes some new features that still need to be thoroughly tested and therefore could cause problems.

    The second variant, on the other hand, is two or three steps ahead of the stable version of Chrome and, in fact, includes several experimental functions, which, however, make the program rather unstable and that it is not said that they reach the final version of the same. .

    Taking into account what has just been stated, it should be noted that the Beta version of Chrome can only be installed as a replacement for the stable one. Chrome Canary, on the other hand, can be used both in conjunction with the stable version and the Beta version of the browser and its target is mostly developers.

    How to install Google Chrome on PC

    Having made the necessary clarifications above, let's get to the point and let's find out what needs to be done, in practice, to install Chrome on the PC. Below, therefore, you will find explained how to download and install the famous Google home browser on Windows.

    Download Chrome on PC

    Now I'll explain how to install Chrome on Windows 10 PCs, but in reality the browser is compatible with all versions of the Microsoft operating system starting from 7. That said, let's get to the action.

    First, you need to get the Chrome installation package. To do this, start the browser you currently use to surf the Net from your computer (eg. Edge) and go to the home page of the site dedicated to Chrome.

    On the page that you see at this point, click on the button Download Chrome present in the center and wait for the download procedure to be completed. If you want to avoid submitting to Google anonymous statistics on use e anonymous arrest reports, before proceeding with the download, uncheck the appropriate box.

    The indications I have just given you are valid for downloading the stable version of Chrome. However, if you want to download the Beta version, you have to go to this web page and press the button Download Chrome Beta, while to download the Canary version of the browser you have to visit this other page again and click on the button Download Chrome Canary.

    Install Chrome on PC

    After downloading Chrome on your PC, go ahead and install the program by starting the .exe file just got it and clicking on the button Yes, in the window you see appear on the screen.

    Then wait for the file download procedure and the browser installation procedure to be started and completed, after which you will find yourself in front of the main Chrome window and you can finally start using the browser.

    Please note that if you want to synchronize extensions, favorites and other data with all the other devices on which you use the browser, you can do so by logging into your Google account: just click on the icon with thelittle man located at the top right and press the button Turn on synchronization in the box that appears.

    If at the end of the installation procedure you want to set Chrome as the default browser on Windows, click on the button Imposta eat predefined which is shown to you in the bar at the top of the program window.

    If no button appears, you can still set Chrome as your default browser by clicking on the i button three dots verticallyat the top left and selecting the item Settings from the menu that opens. Then click on the wording Default browser in the left sidebar and press the button Imposta eat predefined located on the right.

    For more details on the functioning of Chrome and the various features offered by the program, I suggest you consult the section of my site specifically dedicated to the Google browser, where you can find many guides that illustrate the many features of the famous browser.

    How to install Chrome on PC without Internet

    Would you like to install Chrome on a PC where there is no internet connection available? This is not an impossible operation! To do this, first download the version to another computer standalone of the navigator, opening the browser, by visiting this web page and clicking the button Download Chrome. Then wait for the download to complete.

    If you want to avoid sending the anonymous statistics on the use and i anonymous arrest reports, before downloading the program, remove the check from the appropriate box.

    If you are currently using a Mac or, in any case, a computer that is not running Windows, scroll down the page above, locate the section Chrome family, click on the link Other platforms below and select, from the box that opens, the link corresponding to Windows version being used on the target computer.

    Once the download is complete, you need to move the .exe file obtained on the computer you want to install Chrome on. To do this, considering the fact that the target PC cannot connect to the Internet, you can use an external storage medium, such as a USB pendrive or a external hard disk.

    If you don't know how to transfer the Chrome executable to these devices, you can follow the instructions I gave you in my guides on how to transfer files from PC to USB stick and how to transfer files to external hard drive.

    In segito, apri il .exe file Chrome on the target computer, click the button Yes in the window you see appear on the screen and wait for the browser installation procedure to be completed, after which you will finally see the Google browser window appear on the desktop.

    How to uninstall Chrome on PC

    After being able to install Chrome on PC, have you thought about it and now would you like to get rid of the famous browser? I'll explain immediately how to do it: it's very easy.

    Stai using Windows 10, first click on Start button (I cheer with the windows flag) che trovi nella part in fund to sinistra della taskbar and select the icon Settings (Quella a forma di ruota d'ingranaggio) from the menu that opens.

    In the window that you see appear on the desktop at this point, click on the item App and locate Chrome list App and features placed at the bottom. If by doing so you can't find the browser, you can help yourself with the drop-down menus located at the top, to change the order of the installed applications, or you can use the search field.

    Then click on thechrome icon, award-winning Uninstall and confirm your intentions again by clicking on the button Uninstall. Then follow the uninstallation wizard that is proposed to you by clicking on the button Yes e poi quello Uninstall And that's it.

    Stai using a Windows version più datata, click on the instead Start button which is located on the taskbarclose il Control Panel in the menu that appears and selects the first occurrence found.

    In the window that you see appear on the screen at this point, click on the link Uninstall a program or on that Programs and features (depending on the type of display set).

    Now, locate Chrome in the list of programs currently installed on your computer. Eventually, you can change the display order and help you locate the browser by clicking on the column names at the top. Next, click on thebrowser icon, award-winning Uninstall which is located at the top and follow the uninstallation wizard that is proposed to you, as I explained to you a little while ago.

    For more details about the practices described in this step, I invite you to refer to my guide focused specifically on how to uninstall Chrome and my post on how to uninstall a program.

    How to install Chrome on PC

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