How to force dark mode on every site with Chrome

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There is dark mode and dark mode. All the latest versions of mobile and desktop operating systems now integrate one dark mode more or less complete and many apps do the same. However, there is still the last frontier to be made in night mode: the content of websites. With Chrome 78 (latest version of Google browser) can be done.

The latest version of the well-known browser released by Google, in fact, contains a new feature called "Force dark mode". Thanks to it it is possible to darken all the white parts of an Internet site. This option should not be confused with the dark mode of the application, which instead darkens the Chrome interface but not the content of the sites. To have a Chrome 100% dark, therefore, we must activate both dark modes. But that's not all: Chrome offers more than one dark mode for websites. In reality they all look alike, but we have the possibility to choose which shades of colors we prefer to navigate in night mode.

How to force dark mode on Chrome 78

The option for force the dark mode of website content is contained among the "experiments" of Chrome, ie those features that Google releases to users "on trial" before making them definitive. To activate it you need to type the string "chrome: // flags / # enable-force-dark" in the Chrome bar and press enter. Forced dark mode is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome Os and Android versions of Chrome , but always between the experiments. If we insert the string to activate it on a version of Chrome prior to 78, instead, we will be sent to the page that contains all the experiments, but we will not find the one relating to the forced dark mode. We will only have to wait there. application update to be able to do this experiment too.

Forced Dark Mode: which one to choose

Several options are available in the drop-down menu that accompanies this experimental Chrome flag, but the operation of each is more or less the same. The "Forced Dark Mode", in fact, uses the theory of colors to invert each color into its opposite (for example white into black and vice versa). There are more than one models and the results, choosing one or the other, can be slightly different. The user can try several of them and choose which color model he gets the dark mode closer to his personal tastes.

How to force dark mode on every site with Chrome

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