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    How to enable Flash on Google Chrome for some specific sites

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    You will surely have noticed: Chrome, like most browsers now, automatically disable Adobe Flash, a free, and still very popular, software that allows viewing of images, videos and other multimedia content. The application has often come under fire due to the continuous security flaws discovered.

    Vulnerabilities that in some cases have been used by hackers to execute malicious code on users' devices. Some of the major internet sites have thus begun to adopt the more secure HTML 5 programming language. Not all of them though. There are many webmasters who still use the old and fragile plug-in. The only way to correctly view the contents of these sites, therefore, is to enable freeware software. How to do? The story of downloading the program directly from the manufacturer's website no longer works. In fact, it is necessary to get into the Chrome settings to activate Flash when needed.

    How to activate Adobe Flash: first steps

    The first action to put into practice, if we want to enable free software for some specific sites, is to check the Flash settings on Chrome. Open a new tab and type the following string in the address bar: chrome :/ / flags. At this point you will have to check if the "You prefer HTML over Flash"is set to" Default. "Do not touch anything at all. As Chrome suggests, any changes are" at your own risk. "Now it is time to check if the installed version of Flash is the latest. To do this, it is necessary to open a new tab again, insert chrome: // components / and press enter.

    Go to Content Settings

    After these preliminary actions, the time has come to enable the program for viewing multimedia content. Open the Chrome settings (click on the three-dot icon at the top right). Now enter "Show advanced settings"and click on"content settings"(you can find it in" Privacy "). Verify that in" Flash "the voice" Ask before allowing sites to run Flash "is active. Never enable the first option: the risks for computer security are very high.

    Click on Exceptions Manager

    At this point there is only one step left to enable Flash for some specific sites. Always remaining in "content settings", under the" Flash "option we click on"Manage Exceptions". Here you will find a pop-up window where you can enter the URL of the site for which Chrome you want to run Flash. Click on finish and that's it. From now on the Google browser will no longer block the Adobe program for the website selected.

    How to enable Flash on Google Chrome for some specific sites

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