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    As anticipated at the beginning, the Chrome Web Store, or the official Google browser store through which you can get a lot extensions to expand and customize the functions of the browser, it is chock full of tools for downloading movies on the Internet. So if you wish to find out how to download videos with chrome thanks to them, all you have to do is continue reading.

    Video DownloadHelper

    The first solution to download videos with Chrome that I recommend you consider is Video DownloadHelper. If you have never heard of it, this is an excellent free extension that allows you to "capture" the videos on any Web page and download them to your computer with a simple click. It works on all major operating systems and is able to do its job even on those sites that normally do not allow the download of the multimedia files they host.

    To install Video DownloadHelper on Chrome, start the browser and visit the appropriate section of the Chrome Web Store, then click on the button Add e Add extension. The procedure takes just a few moments and does not require restarting the browser.

    When the operation is completed, open a new browser tab, connect to the page that hosts the video you want to download and click on theVideo DownloadHelper icon (Quella with i colored dots) located at the top right of the Chrome toolbar.

    After completing the above steps, a menu will open with a list of all the videos available for download: click on the title of what you want to download to your computer and the download will begin immediately. By default the video will be saved in the folder Download Of computer.

    If you are asked if you intend to download the video with the browser oppure with l 'supplementary app, select the first option. In the event that it is not possible to use the browser, please proceed with the installation of the supplementary application, by clicking on the button Install the supplementary app. Once the download is complete, start the file you obtained and follow the instructions on the screen to finalize the setup (usually just click on Next / Next).

    If this may interest you, I would also like to point out that by sending to the extension settings, which you can access by selecting the icon in the shape of ruota d'ingranaggio visible in the menu that opens after clicking on theVideo DownloadHelper icon in Chrome, you can adjust video quality, define conversion rules etc.

    Other solutions to download videos from the Internet with Chrome

    Looking for other extensions to download videos from the Internet with Chrome? If so, you can consider resorting to using alternative solutions useful for the purpose that I have included in the following list. Identify the one that you think can do the most for you and put it to the test right away. They work on all major operating systems.

    • Top Video Downloader - it is a free extension to download the videos present on most websites, which adds a button on the browser toolbar that changes when content is detected to download on the displayed page. Its interface is very immediate and it is very easy to use.
    • Video Downloader professional - popular extension for Chrome, free and easy to use, which allows you to download videos on the Internet, listing the format, name and size. It always works by pressing the appropriate button that is added to the browser toolbar and is able to "capture" the videos found on most Internet sites.
    • Easy Video Downloader - once installed, this extension shows the number of any videos available for download detected on the internet page you are visiting and allows you to download them through a dedicated window, based on the information shown, such as size, format and title. It's free and super easy to use.

    Please note: before installing an extension, always check the permissions it requires to work and the comments of other users. As I explained to you in my tutorial on the best extensions for Chrome, it is good to turn to solutions of this type only if strictly necessary and, if possible, going to uninstall the extensions once you have stopped using them. Unfortunately, privacy concerns when dealing with extensions from not-too-well-known developers are always around the corner.

    How to download streaming videos with Chrome

    As an alternative to using extensions, you can consider downloading videos with Chrome through special ones online services. If this interests you, below you will find those that, in my opinion, represent the best in the category (in the event that advertisements appear during their use, never click on them, please!).


    Among the various online services to download videos with Chrome I recommend you try I GIVE YOU. It is totally free, very easy to use, works from any browser and operating system, does not require the registration of an account and allows you to save the videos of your interest in various formats and resolutions. Note that it also allows you to extrapolate only the audio track.

    To use it, copy theURL of the video you want to download, then go to the VIDO home page, insert the link copied just now in the testo field located in the center and click on the button Go located on the right.

    Then identify the format and resolution you prefer from the lists that appear below and press the relevant button Download. On the web page that will later be shown to you, right click on video player and select the option for save the content on your computer from the context menu you see appear, in order to proceed with the download.

    Other solutions to download streaming videos with Chrome

    In case the web service for downloading videos from Chrome that I have already suggested is not to your liking, you can consider using one of the alternative solutions which I have proceeded to include in the list below.

    • - free online service that allows you to download videos available on Twitter, Vimeo and other social services and for video sharing, saving them on your computer in various formats and resolutions, according to your needs and preferences, even if only in the form of audio files. It is not necessary to register an account to be able to use it.
    • QDownloader - it is a web service, free and that does not require registration, which allows you to download videos from over 800 different Internet sites, such as Twitter, Instagram etc. It allows you to select different formats and resolutions and also to take only the audio track.
    • 9xbuddy - additional Web service to download videos from various websites. It allows you to choose between various formats and resolutions and also to download the audio track only. It's free and requires no registration.

    How to download videos from Facebook with Chrome

    You use Chrome to browse Facebook, do you often come across interesting videos shared on the famous social network and would you then like to understand if it is possible to use the famous browser of "big G" to download the aforementioned videos? The answer is yes. To do this, you can always use the extensions and online services I told you about in the previous lines. If you want to know more, I also suggest you consult my specific guide on how to save videos from Facebook.

    How to download videos with Android Chrome

    You use Chrome on your smartphone or tablet Android and are you wondering if, even in this case, there is a way to download the movies of your interest through the famous browser? The answer is yes! To do this, just use the online services that I have already reported to you in the appropriate step at the beginning of the guide, which are fully functional even from mobile.

    How to download videos with Chrome iPhone and iPad

    Also on iPhone e iPad, to download videos with Chrome you can use the online services that I described to you in the appropriate step at the beginning of the guide. In fact, these are solutions that work without the slightest problem even with the version of the browser for iOS / iPadOS mobile devices. Some of them also have an interface optimized for the touch-screen.

    How to download videos with Chrome

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