How to create secure passwords with Chrome

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Le Password, despite the various problems on the computer security, remain the most used system to protect various accounts. Just for defend users from credential theft Google has implemented several functions on its browser Chrome. Here's how they work and how we can use them.

First of all it must be said that hackers basically use two ways to attack passwords. Or they use "brute force", that is, they use ad hoc programs that "guess" the password used by the user. Or they buy databases on the dark web containing email addresses and social network credentials obtained through a cyber attack. To defend against this type of threats the best technique is to use unique passwords, that is, they expire once logged in. These are virtually impossible for a cyber criminal to hack. Alternatively we can use passphrase. Usually applications like LastPass are used to generate these long passwords, but also Chrome has its own feature for creating new ones.

Secure passwords with Chrome

At the moment it must be said that the function to automatically create passwords for Chrome is still being tested and in fact when we access this section of the browser we are informed that there may be bugs or malfunctions. First we open the Mountain View browser and then we type in the URL field chrome: // flags /. The page that opens will be in English and we will have to browse the various options up to that "Password generation". At this point we click on the Enable item. Having done all this, every time we have to enter an online account, the browser will generate a random and complex password that we can update with a simple click at the next login. If we wanted to save the password so as not to always generate new ones, Google suggests do not save it on the web but to write it down either on the computer or on a sheet of paper. Otherwise it would be easier for a hacker to trace the credential in the event of a vulnerability or attack on Google databases.

How to create secure passwords with Chrome

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