How to activate super dark mode on Chrome

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Already last year Google had released a highly anticipated feature on Chrome: the dark mode, the dark mode. For many users, however, it was a disappointment because it is not a real dark mode: it is a "half dark" mode, to be drawn in dark gray, in fact, it is only the Chrome interface and not the content of the sites visited .

So, for example, when we search for something on Google within Chrome with the dark mode actually activated the results page is still blank. That is, it keeps the same white background as the light mode. Now, however, things are about to change: on, in fact, an image of Chrome in 100% dark mode. In the image you see a Google search page, and it is black. Not white, not gray: just black, as users want it. But, unfortunately, once again all of this has a big limit.

Chrome in Dark Mode: what changes, in essence, found a new "flag" in the code of the next version of Chrome. The flags are options to be activated manually, by entering the command "chrome: // flags" in the address bar and then going to enable or disable each option one by one. The new flag discovered by is "# enable-android-dark-srp" and already from the command you understand what we are talking about: only on Android, only for the "srp". The letters "srp" stand for "Serp", acronym for Search Engine Results Page, that is the Google results page when you do a search. What does it all mean? That Chrome's “Super Dark Mode”, as some have already called it, will only be available for the Chrome Android app and only the background of Google's Serp will be drawn in black.

How to activate (current) Dark Mode on Chrome

Those who are satisfied with the current "half dark" theme of Google Chrome on Android can activate it immediately. Just tap on the usual "hamburger" menu with the three dots at the top right and then go to Settings> Themes. Here you can choose between Light, Dark and Default. The latter is an automatic choice, which does not depend on the user: the dark theme it is activated when the phone goes into energy saving. Finally, it's funny to note how the dark theme currently available on Chrome is almost indistinguishable from Incognito mode: the two interfaces are practically identical and are distinguished above all by the specific icon to the left of the URL.

How to activate super dark mode on Chrome

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