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    Google will report slow sites to Chrome users

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    The Mountain View giant declares war on slow sites. Loading speed is one of the most important aspects when surfing the internet. It is the loading speed of one or more web pages that determines the quality of the browsing experience. How many times do we have refused to view content why were the loading times of a site too long?

    Furthermore, the response speed of a website is also one of the ranking factors that influences the Google algorithm. This is therefore an aspect that is very close to the heart of the Mountain View company. To overcome this annoying phenomenon and improve the experience of its users more and more, Google has announced the arrival of a new system which, shortly, will allow the Chrome browser to report websites and links that, when opening, load slowly.

    Chrome: stop slow sites

    The system that will be used by the Big G browser has not yet been fully established. Google has released a series of screenshots which show a method still being defined. To warn users that they have stumbled upon a slow site, Google might use a loading screen specially created and containing a message that warns the user about slow loading of the site “Usually loads slow.” Conversely, it could “reward” sites that load faster by using a different colored loading bar, green in the example shown, and instead assign the color blue for slower sites.

    Also links proposed by Chrome will report to users, through a contextual menu, the speed of opening a site, thus allowing them to know in advance how long it will take to view the site in question.

    Chrome and slow sites: how it works

    Google still does not have very clear ideas on which system to use to register the slowness of a website. At the moment, several possibilities are at stake that need to be analyzed and studied. After the first initial phase, Google wants to provide these information also in relation to the type of device used for surf the Internet and the specific network conditions. Not only that, Google intends to adopt a badge system aimed at rewarding those sites that will be able to offer a better browsing experience. To do this, the US giant will invite website managers to optimize their pages, thus improving browsing speed.

    Google will report slow sites to Chrome users

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