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    Google, the new Chromecast is almost ready: official photos

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    Codename "Sabrina", but everyone will call it "Google Tv" or "Android Tv Dongle". Although Google may decide to present it under the Nest brand, calling it "Nest Tv". What are we talking about? From the new version of the Google Chromecast which could arrive by the end of the summer and of which XDA-Developers showed some images, taken from a marketing video inside Google. How will Google's new streaming dongle be made?

    The appearance of this device is very similar to that of the Google Chromecast, but it is more elegant. It will be oval rather than round and will be sold in three colors: white, black and pink. From the images it would appear that the surface of this streaming device is soft and rubbery. The device will be accompanied by a remote control, which at the moment is identified simply as "Google Remote".

    From the images obtained by XDA-Developers you can see only half of the remote control, with seven keys in view, including that of the digital assistant. The Google Remote, therefore, it will have a microphone to allow us to use our voice to control the new Chromecast "Sabrina". Under commercial agreements between Google and Netflix or Amazon, gods may also be present buttons dedicated to the launch of these two streaming services. The color of the remote control seen in the photo is white, but it is easy to assume that it will be the same as the dongle. So there will also be black and pink versions.

    As for the graphical interface of the new Android Tv dongle (or Chromecast, or Sabrina, or Nest Tv ...) from the images you can see a UI focused more on content than on the actual platform. For example, there is a "Live" tab, from which contents can be selected as soon as they are available. From the same tab we can also access YouTube TV. The main screen, on the other hand, has the search box at the top left and then the tabs "For you", "Movies", "TV", "Live," Apps "and" My Library ". specific for the voice assistant, which will appear when we ask questions to Assistant and will propose, below, a list of Web contents that we can visit.

    No certainty, at the moment, on the selling price of this new streaming device from Google. The most credible hypothesis is that of a price around dollars 80 in the United States. The current Chromecast Ultra costs 79 euros, so a very similar price. Identical price also for one of the most accredited competitors: the Xiaomi Mi TV from 79 euros. In comparison, however, the Nvidia Shield TV now seems out of the market, is on sale at 159,99 euros.

    Google, the new Chromecast is almost ready: official photos

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