Google deletes a Chrome extension: it contains malware

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Google he proceeded to cancel from his Store a new extension for Chrome. The reason: his code would contain a malware which undermines the safety of users. The extension in question was considered particularly useful by users even if, for some time, it had aroused some suspicion among its users.

The Great Suspender, this is the name of the accused extension, it was deputy to suspension of tab Google Chrome when not in use so free RAM engaged in browser processes. It is certainly not the first time that Big G has acted in this way: in fact, there are many occasions in which in the past the company has taken steps to immediately remove applications with content considered dangerous from its store, even without giving prior notice but preferring a more concrete approach to avoid the continuation of situations at risk for the privacy and security of its users.

The Great Suspender, what happened to the extension

The Great Suspender has always been thought of as an extremely good extension of its genre. With the passage to the new owner, which took place in June 2020, however, the first problems arrived. In fact, the7.1.8 update arrived with the new management has brought with it a nasty surprise for its users: a malware able to record some user information.

With the next release, the 7.1.9, the manager had communicated the malicious code removal, trying to reassure users. It goes without saying that many, burned by the incident, preferred not to believe the words and decided to continue to keep the extension under control to avoid future nasty surprises.

With the spread of the news, which took place massively on the main information channels of the web dedicated to technology in the January 2021, a large number of users until the moment remained unaware of what happened has definitively decided to completely abandon the extension, relying on other solutions available on the Play Store.

Only a few hours ago, however, some users who remained loyal to The Great Suspender noticed his absence from their browser and, as confirmation, they were able to verify how it had also been removed from the Google virtual store.

The Great Suspender, how to recover open tabs

The problem faced by the latest users was that of retrieve the open tabs which, with the elimination of the extension, fell victim to the abrupt closure of the Google browser. As suggested on Reddit by a user there solution to the problem provides a search in the history with the key "klbibkeccnjlkjkiokjodocebajanakg".

In any case, the alternatives available on the Chrome Store are many, suitable to meet the needs of every Chrome user. For those who, on the other hand, do not want to say goodbye to The Great Suspender, there is the possibility of using thelatest version of the extension deemed to be malware-free (i.e. the 7.1.6) by downloading it from the repository GitHub and uploading it to the browser in the Developer modeby selecting the item "Upload Unpackaged Extension".

Google deletes a Chrome extension: it contains malware

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