Google Chromecast: how to use it and how to configure it

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How many times have you wanted to watch your favorite movie at home, but on a big screen, just like in the cinema? Many, perhaps too many! To date we tell you that yes, it is possible to watch any program, film or TV series "in large", directly from the sofa in your living room thanks to the help of Google Chromecast. Chromecast, in fact, finally arrives and is depopulated among fans of films and TV series: it is, from a practical point of view, a Google device that looks a lot like a key for multimedia streaming and that connects to the HDMI port of the television.

Since its debut in our country, Google Chromecast, has been a great success among its consumers and it is not difficult to understand why. This is a great technological advance able to satisfy the expectations of young and old and, to date, it is available in three versions; the third version is the most up-to-date.

Google Chromecast is highly appreciated by users because it is compatible with most streaming services: Tim Vision, Netflix, Infinity. Even apps like Youtube, Spotify, Dezzer and Napster are perfectly compatible with Chromecast. Not only that, Google Chromecast also fits in with the system Google Home, which allows various functions thanks to the use of voice commands. Not only that, thanks to Google Chromecast it will also be very easy to navigate with Chrome and open different contents: videos, photos, music. Are you still undecided whether to buy it or not? We offer you a quick guide to functions including Google Chromecast disposes. To you the choice!

Google Chromecast: how to use it and how to configure it

To start taking advantage the multiple functions of Google Chromecast First of all, you need to download the Chromecast app on your smartphone or tablet and enter the password provided to connect the various devices. Only at this point will you finally be able to watch movies, television programs, photos and videos on your home TV that you usually have on tablets, PCs and smartphones. There Google Chromecast configuration consists of some very simple steps: in the package you will find, in addition to the key and an HDMI adapter to connect the chromecast to the TV, the power supply with USB port and, of course, the instruction booklet.

After downloading the appropriate application, you need to click on "devices" and the chromecast to configure, then press "configure". In this way the device will disconnect from the Wi-Fi network to connect to the Wireless network created ad hoc for the configuration. Subsequently, confirmation of the pairing code shown on the TV will be requested; press "the code is displayed". At this point the app will ask the user whether to keep the default name or choose a new one: once the new name has been chosen, proceed by clicking "set name" to continue the configuration. The most important screen will now appear, that is to configure access to the Wi-Fi network: it is necessary to choose the Wireless network from the proposed list, enter the password and click "set network".

How Google Chromecast works with Android and iOS

After completing the first Google Chromecast configuration, you are officially ready to find out how it works. If you wish to use Chromecast with Android, in order to view the contents of your smartphone directly on the TV screen, all you have to do is connect the mobile phone to the same Wi-Fi network to which the Chromecast is connected, start the app from the compatible ones and press the transmission icon .

In this way you can view any content coming from your smartphone or tablet on your television screen; to stop the transmission, instead, start the Google Home app again and click "stop mirroring". As for theusing Chromecast Regarding the iPhone, it is important to know that it is possible to cast the contents of the mobile phone on the television screen, but not the phone screen. As already explained above for the Android system, also for the iPhone it is necessary to start the application concerned and, after connecting the phone, you will press on the transmission icon to start playing the contents.

How Google Chromecast works with PC

Google Chromecast works not only for Android and iOS, but also for the computer. Through the "transmit" function, in fact, it is possible to project multimedia contents, including audio, from the phone to the TV screen. A real convenience!

start Chromecast from your home computer it is necessary to start Google Chrome for Windows, macOS and Linux and click on the icon consisting of three dots: hereinafter "transmit" on the menu that appears. Then select the name associated with the Chromecast and that's it. Furthermore, it is curious to know how some services, such as Youtube, Netflix and many others, allow you to start the transmission of a content by clicking on the wireless transmission icon.

How Chromecast works with Google Home

Even with Google Home you can play content on your TV. The latter guarantees, in fact, the transmission of Netflix, Youtube, Infinity and Play Film contents using modern voice commands. Once the Google Home configuration you will need to start the app from your mobile phone by pressing the "settings" item. This will allow you to view the "assistant services" section Google"and just click on the" connect "option relating to the app concerned (Netflix, Youtube, Infinity).

Thanks to this interaction, therefore, it is possible to ask the voice assistant to play a film, a video, a song, but also to stop and resume the playback itself. You will then be ready to start playing the chosen content with the help of voice commands. A real breeze!

How Chromecast Built-in Works

It is very curious to know that some TVs, such as Smart TVs from Philips, Sony, Toshiba, Sharp, are equipped with Integrated Chromecast. But what is meant by "integrated"? It's very simple: it means that to send a series of video and audio to your home TV from a tablet, PC or smartphone, you don't need to buy the "physical" Chromecast.

All that needs to be done, in fact, is to connect the TV with Integrated Chromecast to the Internet and proceed to setup using the Google Home app. Furthermore, we reveal a little secret: there is no difference between Chromecast and integrated Chromecast, as the procedure for mirroring the screen of your mobile device is identical to what is indicated in the previous paragraphs.

10 reasons why you should have Google Chromecast

Many are wondering if everything we have talked about so far cannot be done by connecting the PC to the TV with an HDMI or VGA cable. The answer we feel we can give is very simple: yes, it is possible, but there is no comparison. Using Google Chromecastin fact, the yield will be ten times better than using a cable. At a cost of only 39,00 euros you can save wires and effort, as well as being able to directly control multiple functions: those connected to the Wi-Fi network have the right to play, for example, a video without having to use the PC (which may remain off).

It will be one of the comforts that you will no longer be able to give up, especially if you have children. Google Chromecast will become your best friend! In this regard, we have decided to draw up a list with at least ten reasons why Google Chromecast it cannot be missing in your home.

  • Google Chromecast can be a birthday gift, and not only that, very much appreciated and original. How many times have you wandered around shops looking for the perfect gift for a graduation or for Christmas? No fear! Google Chromecast is for you. With very few euros you will make a so-called "great impression"; almost the price of an ordinary perfume. And if the recipient has no idea what Google Chromecast is, let them read this article.
  • It is ideal for the children who are crazy about cartoons. If you are very busy mothers, Google Chromecast can give you a big hand: not only will it make your little ones more enjoyable, but your mobile phone can remain off or engaged in other functions. Also, last but not least, Google Chromecast won't harm your kids' eyesight.
  • Speaking of children again, in the case of a house with several floors, you can transmit, thanks to Google Chromecast, the video of a IP camera directly on the TV. By doing this, you will be able to monitor your children constantly while you do the housework.
  • Thanks to Videostream, Google Chromecast extension, you can play any audio or video file on your computer or smartphone on the TV screen at home. Unlike bluetooth, distance is not a problem for the transmission of content: it is sufficient that the PC / smartphone and the TV to which the Chromecast is connected use the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Another interesting feature of Google Chromecast is that it allows you to display on the TV any content open on Chrome. Just a simple click!
  • Google+ seamlessly integrates the Chromecast into its functions. Basically, using your mobile phone you will be able to send Google+ content to the TV. Together, for a few months, voice commands and the same "Ok Google" work in mirroring, as well as games, favorite apps, music and e-mail.
  • You are passionate about football and sporting events? Then Google Chromecast is absolutely for you and you won't be able to do without it! From today you can broadcast your favorite games, in any language, on your home screen. We know you've been waiting for this news for some time!
  • To date, there are many uses that take advantage of the Chromecast: from games to sports applications, up to the radio and movies. Directly on your TV screen, therefore, you will see the game and this certainly makes the activity more enjoyable.
  • It might seem obvious and trivial, but it is not: Google Chromecast can be an accessory to beautify your home. In moments of inactivity, in fact, he scans through the TV a series of naturalistic images very pleasing to the eye. In this way, it guarantees a very relaxing atmosphere.
  • Last but not least, why we suggest buying Google Chromecast is yours price and the ease with which it is assembled. The cost of this device, in fact, is really affordable for everyone: with only 39,00 euros, in fact, you will take home a real gem that will change your days. Another point in its favor is the ease with which it is assembled and used; the packaging is minimal, with the unmistakable Google style, and the content hardly misunderstood. Inside the box you will find the Chromecast, a USB cable for power, wall adapter and the HDMI extension.

Where to buy Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is sold on the official Google website at the modest price of 39,00 euros and is available in various colors: yellow, red, blue… And many others, for all tastes. It is also possible to buy it in the various stores that sell tech equipment, such as MediaWorld, Unieuro, Euronics and many others. A curiosity we want to inform you about is that you will not find Google Chromecast on Amazon, as the latter has decided, to boost its Fire TV production, not to market Chromecast or Apple anymore.

Soon, according to Google's official releases, the app will be called Google Cast: this is just a name change, as it will not change the way the device works. G will appear after the app is officially updated, on both Android and iOS devices. With this article we hope to have convinced you to purchase Google Chromecast or, at least, having stimulated at least a little your curiosity about this device.

We would like to say that this support can also be useful to elderly people: nowadays, most of the multimedia contents that can also interest a less advanced slice of the population, are transmitted only on the Internet without the possibility of being enjoyed by the less young: with your help even grandparents will be able to watch something different than the usual programs.

We believe that, with the current times, it is necessary to always be updated on the news that surround us and that it is important to keep up with technology to guarantee a better quality of life. And you've already found the Google Chromecast model which is right for you?

Google Chromecast: how to use it and how to configure it

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