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    Google Chrome, the new version has arrived: what changes

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    Google has recently started releasing version 85.0.4183.102 of Chrome, which is now also available and includes several new features announced in recent weeks. Some of these were highly anticipated by users, because they greatly improve the browser's usability, while others are fixes for recently discovered bugs and vulnerabilities.

    The most interesting novelty of the new version of Chrome is undoubtedly the possibility of group the tabs. A novelty announced in April, released at the end of August in the beta versions of the Google browser and thoroughly tested before arriving in the stable version. Again with regard to the tabs, Google claims that there has been a 10% increase in speed of passage from one tab to another, but it is a more theoretical value than practical and certainly very difficult to measure in the daily use of the app. Finally, one of the features announced in May hasn't arrived yet: the ability to expand or collapse a group of tabs with a single click.

    How to group tabs in Google Chrome

    In order to group the tabs in Google Chrome it is necessary to update the browser to the latest version. Then we can right click on a tab and choose “Add tab to a new group“. A gray dot will appear on the left of the tab (but we can later choose a different color). At this point we just have to drag all the tabs that we want to insert in the group towards the ball.

    In the same way we can also exclude a tab from a group: we will have to right click on it and choose "Exclude from group". The tab will become independent again. To give a name and a color to the group we will have to right click on the dot and the appropriate menu will open from which we can choose the name and color.

    How to install the latest version of Chrome

    Usually Chrome updates itself to the latest stable version available, but not immediately: Google releases the update gradually and it may happen that the update is available but not yet installed on our app. To speed up the times we can open the Chrome menu (the one with the three dots at the top right) and go to Help> About Google Chrome.

    Here we will find the number of the currently installed version, and if there is a newer version to download, we will be able to do so. L'latest version stable of Chrome that makes tab grouping available is 85.0.4183.102.

    Google Chrome, the new version has arrived: what changes

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