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    Google Chrome protects you from malicious files

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    Google Chrome is ready to fight the viruses and malicious files that we download while browsing the Internet. THE computer viruses they are the worst nightmare for millions of users: while we browse from one web page to another or when we download files from platforms apparently like the mailbox. To minimize the risks, Google is developing a feature designed for those who use its browser.

    Soon on Google Chrome a novelty will be implemented specifically designed to protect those who want to download documents and software from the various web platforms. There online security it has always been a prerogative for the company and to counter the danger it constantly thinks about new functions and solutions dedicated to mobile and fixed devices. After the battle for HTTPS, now is the time to reduce the risk of download infected documents. To prevent viruses, the browser will block the download of dangerous files by October 2020.

    How the protection against dangerous files works

    Google stated that it will begin to monitor closely the HTTPS web pages, until now considered the safest. In fact, even these domains could hide pitfalls: they would allow you to download apparently safe files, which turn out to be harmful to your computer. The control will be activated directly at the level of the browser.

    How dangerous files will be blocked

    Google has published online the calendar on the evolution of updates that will affect the browser. The novelty will be introduced with Chrome 81 in March 2020: when the user starts the download, the system will show a message warning him that it is a dangerous file and that it could infect the PC.

    With Chrome 82, the warning message will especially concern files in .exe format, i.e. those used to start or install a program. While with the update Chrome 83, which presumably will arrive in June, will arrive on definitive block before downloading the files. In particular, users will be warned before downloading .zip, .rar and .iso files. From here on, the system will continue this policy and will stop the download of software and other potentially harmful documents in advance: audio files, images, text documents, videos and so on will be gradually blocked.

    The latest update is scheduled for October 2020 and it will stop all potentially harmful files. The user will be the one to "force" the system, deciding to download all the software and documents he wants on his computer anyway. Of course, the Android version of Chrome will also be affected by the novelty. However, the company has already reassured users: the operating system for mobile devices already has an advanced monitoring system so it is much more difficult to run into. malicious file downloads from smartphones.

    Google Chrome protects you from malicious files

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