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    Complete guide to block Google Chrome notifications

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    Today we have prepared one for you complete guide to block Google Chrome notifications that come from various sites, such as Facebook and YouTube. Many websites, in fact, offer you the possibility to receive notifications via Internet browser. Sure, in many cases you will not have consented to these notifications, but if, by mistake or inadvertently, you have given your consent and have been bombarded with notifications on Google Chrome ever since, it is time to block them.

    Now we will tell you step by step how turn off Chrome notifications directly from the browser settings of Windows and Mac. In addition, we will provide you with all the information to disable notifications on your Android devices. And for iOS? Quiet, we haven't forgotten, it's just that iOS doesn't support this feature. Are you ready to follow us? Well then let's proceed!

    Disable Chrome notifications from computer

    First, let's see what are the steps you need to go through turn off Chrome notifications from computer. The procedure is the same on both Windows PC and Mac.

    Here's what you need to do:

    • open Google Chrome;
    • click on the button with the 3 dots at the top right;
    • select the Settings item from the drop-down menu that appears;
    • in the window that opens, click on Advanced and look for the section Privacy and security;
    • click on content settings and then select Notifications;
    • turn OFF the switch that you find next to the item Ask before sending, to block all notifications that come from any site on Chrome;
    • once you have clicked on the switch, it automatically changes to Blocked and you can block all notifications you don't want to receive.

    Don't want to block all notifications, but only those of a particular website on Chrome? Then you don't have to turn off the switch, as we told you in the last two previous steps, and proceed as follows:

    • click on the Add button that you find in correspondence with the Block row;
    • enter the address of the website whose notifications you want to block;
    • click on Add to confirm the request.

    Disable notifications on Chrome with Windows 10

    If you want turn off notifications on Chrome with Windows 10, you can use the system settings.

    It is enough for you:

    • click on the Start button, which you find in the taskbar and has the Windows flag;
    • from the menu that opens, click on the Settings icon;
    • in the window you see appear on your desktop, choose the System item;
    • then select the Notifications and actions option located in the sidebar on the left;
    • search for Google Chrome in the list of programs;
    • Finally, turn the switch to Disabled.

    Remember that if you change your mind here, to unblock notifications again, simply move the switch to On.

    Block Chrome notifications on Android

    If you have an Android smartphone or tablet and want to block Chrome notifications via the browser settings, you can proceed as follows:

    • take your device, unlock it and press the Chrome icon;
    • tap on the button with the three dots placed vertically at the top right;
    • from the menu that opens, select the Settings item;
    • in the new screen that appears, click on Site Settings, the item you find right in the Advanced section;
    • select Notifications and press the domain whose notifications you want to disable from the list under the Allow item;
    • in the new screen you are in front of, tap on Notifications and select the Block option from the menu that appears.

    Again, if you have second thoughts, to receive notifications again, you have to go back to the site you are interested in and press the Allow button from the window that appears.

    Or you can proceed like this:

    • press again on the button with the three dots that you find on the Chrome screen;
    • go to the menu Settings then on Site settings and select Notifications;
    • expand the Blocked section;
    • press on the name of the site whose notifications you had deactivated;
    • touch Notifications;
    • from the menu that appears, select Allow.

    Now that you know how turn off Chrome notifications, you will no longer be bothered by all those alerts when using your devices.

    Complete guide to block Google Chrome notifications

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