Chromebooks turn 10: why buy them today

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During the Google I/O 2011, which was held exactly ten years ago in San Francisco on 10 and 11 May 2011, Google presented the first commercial version of the Chromebook, low-cost laptops focused on connectivity and equipped with the Chrome OS operating system. At the time, no one outside of Google believed they would be successful, but in 2020 these laptops finally found success and in the first three months of 2021 they registered a sales growth of 274%.

It would seem, therefore, that ten years ago Google was right, even if it is legitimate to argue that if a giant like Google had not been behind the project, the project itself would have collapsed very soon. but yet today It makes more and more sense to buy a Chromebook instead of a normal laptop with Windows 10 or a MacBook with macOS and the reason is simple: The Internet has become the center of our work and Chromebooks are all you need to work on the Internet. Low price, lightness and portability, combined with a stable and easy to use operating system as much as Android (some CHromebooks even have a touch screen, others are basically tablets plus keyboard) do the rest. Here's why to buy a Chromebook today and who is the ideal buyer of these products.

What is a Chromebook

As the name itself says a Chromebook is a notebook with Chrome OS, the Google operating system that revolves around the Chrome browser. Unlike a regular laptop, Chromebooks are designed to be always connected and do most of the work not with software downloaded to the computer's memory, but with cloud applications like the Google G Suite.

This is why the first Chromebooks had practically no hard drives, while today they are equipped with small and fast SSD memories (usually 64 or 128 GB) which also act as a buffer in case the Internet connection is interrupted and you still have to save files. Today, in fact, a Chromebook can also be used without the Internet.

Another feature of Chromebooks is the portability: many models have screens of just 10 inches, but even those of 14 inches or more still have a very low weight due to a third important feature: Chromebooks have not very powerful hardware, which does not require a lot of energy or large and heavy cooling systems.

The reason for this technical choice is simple to understand: if most of the operations are done in the cloud, you don't need a lot of power to run the applications. This indirectly leads to the fourth Chromebook feature: even if they don't have huge batteries the charge lasts a very long time.

How much does a Chromebook cost today

In 2020, with the boom of the smart working caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone discovered the Chomebooks because they were looking for a very cheap laptop to work from home. Many thought that the lockdown would not last long and that soon everyone would be back in the office to work normally, so they bought a Chromebook as a temporary "hole stop". to spend little.

In the end, many of these people are still smart working, but they have not regretted the purchase at all because a Chromebook is enough and advances to do almost everything and because to buy it they have spent very little: Chromebooks on average cost between 300 and 500 euros, even those of famous brands such as Samsung, Lenovo e HP.

Who today thinks of buying a Chromebook must first choose the size: 10-11 inches or 13-15 inches. If you are looking for a sample of portability the first should be chosen, if you are looking for a "desktop replacement" you need the second (but nothing prevents you from connecting a Chromebook to a large external screen). Small Chromebook:

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And here are some models of more comfortable size for working from home:

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