Chrome, what does the "Insecure Site" label mean?

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New version of Chrome coming soon with important news on the computer security front. Big G's men, as mentioned in the past, will make it even easier to know when a site you are about to visit is not safe.

What does Google mean by unsafe sites? Simple, all portals that do not use the HTTPS protocol and that, therefore, do not protect sensitive data entered by users when they visit them with encryption. In practice, all HTTP sites that theoretically allow a cybercriminal to are not safe for Google spy on our data online. With version 69 of Chrome, unsafe sites will be marked with a label that will read "Unsafe site". The label could be characterized by a circular symbol with the “i” of information inside it or by the danger symbol in red when we type confidential information on sites without HTTPS protocol.

What to do on unsafe sites

Google's warning for unsafe sites will arrive in September 2018 and, by specific choice of the developers, will be particularly visible It will be found in the address bar, before the URL of the site you are visiting: in this way it will be impossible or almost impossible to see it.

But what should we do on a website that does not use this protocol if Google Chrome warns us? Don't panic, this is information for our safety but not an ongoing hacker threat. As we see that we are on an unprotected site we must not immediately run away, the important thing is to remind us not to enter confidential information on these particular unsafe sites. If Google Chrome warns us of a site without HTTPS, therefore, we avoid entering various emails and credentials: a hacker could steal them from us more easily than you can imagine.

Chrome, what does the "Insecure Site" label mean?

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