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    Chrome updates to version 90, what changes for videos

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    Here comes the version 90 di Google Chrome and brings with it interesting updates for i video. In fact, starting from this release the videos will be able to count on support for the AV1 codec, technology dedicated to the compression of video streams available in the version of the browser for desktop computers.

    Following the release made just a few hours ago, the new version of the Big G browser is already arriving on devices with an operating system Android while, as far as Windows, Apple and Linux are concerned, the 90 version of Chrome should become available for download already in the next few hours of the day. Finally, the users who will have to wait longer, as usual, are those with mobile devices equipped with iOS but, if what usual happens again, next week it will be possible to update the application with the release just made available.

    Chrome 90, what changes for videos

    As anticipated, the introduction of AV1 will make the difference on desktop computers. It is a free and open source video codec, introduced to replace the old ones compression standard H.264 / AVC and VP9. Characterized by an efficiency hardly comparable to its predecessors, it allows you to significantly reduce the size of movies.

    This means that, through AV1, you can enjoy content in higher quality than in the past, for an optimal use of this type of content. This helps in the case of internet connections that are not particularly advanced, slow or problematic, while for the others, optimization translates into fewer amounts of data to be transferred without affecting the visual experience.

    The same goes for the ">videoconferencing applications usable by browsers and based on WebRT framework. With the implementation, meetings will be able to count on greater fluidity of images, with fewer blocks and communication difficulties that can negatively affect the user experience.

    AV1, a bit of history

    Developed by Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia), the US consortium that develops royalty-free (and therefore free) video formats founded by prominent names such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, Mozilla, Netflix, Nvidia, AMD, ARM and Cisco, this codec was already been inserted as a decoder starting from 70 release of the Mountain View browser, about two years ago.

    Chrome isn't the first browser to introduce AV1. Indeed, already Mozilla Firefox had introduced codec support in the past. Given, however, the widespread diffusion of the Big G software, it is easy to imagine how this integration has all the credentials to change the rules of the game in terms of viewing videos from browsers.

    Chrome 90, the other news

    The other new features of Chrome 90 are mainly dedicated to developers and web developers. Among the main ones, there is the introduction of the specification overflow: clip, which allows you to block the scroll of the boxes. To this, then, is added the Feature Policy API, which allows you to selectively enable, disable and change the behavior of some browser APIs.

    Chrome updates to version 90, what changes for videos

    Audio Video Chrome updates to version 90, what changes for videos
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