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    Chrome, the hidden feature that protects against online scams

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    Born in 2008, Chrome it is a fairly complex web browser. Over the years it has accumulated more and more complete and complex features, some of which are "secret" and can be activated using small tricks that are impossible to find in the official settings menu. Among the many hidden settings of the browser of the Mountain View giant, the latest discovery in order of time allows view the entire URL of the website you are visiting to make it easier to identify a possible website dedicated to phishing or other malicious activities.

    Last August, Google took the controversial decision to eliminate the so-called "trivial subdomains", or the URLs displayed in the Chrome address bar also known as omnibox. Google has always said that with this operation it was possible to make the browser simpler, more accessible and performing by showing only a part of the address that is typed, which, however, did not convince both developers and security officers.

    What has changed with Chrome 76

    From Chrome 76, the omnibox does not display the full site address and has become necessary double click on the URL, or tap it if you are using a mobile device, to check if the portal you are viewing uses the HTTPS security protocol. The first click highlights the address, the second shows it in full. This change has also caused huge problems for programmers and people who test websites. There are many developers who use subdomain variants during website development, both to differentiate their functionality, and to start the different and fundamental testing phases.

    How to activate the hidden function of Chrome

    Google seems, however, to have retraced its steps. Users of the XDA-Developers site have tracked down the secret functions of Chrome a tool that allows you to go back in time, before the release of Chrome 76. Few people know this, but there is a section of the operating system dedicated to "special functions" which can only be accessed by knowing the address. flags "and collects dozens of tools still in testing phase and that could be released for all users in the future.

    Among the new functions there is also the tool for see the full URL. To activate it, enter the address "chrome: // flags / # context-menu-show-full-urls" in the Chrome omnibox and activate the appropriate function. Restarting the browser you will notice the difference: the URLs will be written again for extended , including secondary domains.

    Chrome, the hidden feature that protects against online scams

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