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    Chrome solves an annoying problem

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    La incognito mode it is used by millions of Chrome users around the world, both regularly to browse without giving too much data to the browser and the sites they visit, and occasionally to perform specific tasks, such as accessing an email address from a borrowed smartphone. However, for a few weeks now, the incognito mode of Chrome it doesn't work very well.

    The problem mostly occurs with Chrome for Android and consists of a strange error in the app every time an incognito tab is closed after use: when the tab is closed, in fact, the whole app crashes for no apparent reason. A bug in all respects, which apparently is quite widespread on different smartphone models given the numerous reports from users. A bug, therefore, to be attributed to the app and not to the configuration of the device. Now, about two months after this error first appeared, Google seems to have figured out where the problem was and fixed it. Chrome basically did something it had no reason to do.

    Why is Chrome crashing incognito

    The error message that appears as soon as you try to close an incognito tab on Google Chrome does not offer many ideas from which to understand the origin of the problem: it simply says that the app is not responding and asks us whether to end it by force or to wait. Waiting, however, is useless.

    Google has discovered that this strange behavior is due to the fact that every time you close a tab in disguise, Chrome tries to clear your browser history. The problem, however, is that while browsing incognito Chrome does not record any history and therefore goes into error.

    Google solved it: just update Chrome

    It took Google a long time to understand the cause of the Chrome incognito error, but little to find the solution: in the latest update of the Android app, which brings Chrome to version 85, the part of the code that created the 'error.

    So that's enough update the app to the latest version to make the mysterious message disappear and to go back to using Chrome's incognito mode without risking blocking your smartphone.

    Chrome solves an annoying problem

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