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    Chrome, how to disable adblocks on one site only

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    - adblock they are very useful, as they allow you to block advertisements which could hide viruses, and which in many cases prevent the viewing of videos and photos on websites. Deactivating them, however, is possible (also because - if everyone activated the adblocks all the time - those who advertise in an intelligent and sensible way would suffer enormous damage).

    Disable adblocksis very simple: the user sets the function to stop working on some specific domains, simply by entering the website in a special list (White list) which can be changed at will from the adblock settings.

    Adblock, what they are for and how they work

    Adblock is a browser extension, whether Chrome or Safari or others, which can be installed easily and prevents advertisements from loading. Often advertisements and pop-ups can redirect to malicious sites and be a danger to your computer. For safer browsing, simply download and add the adblock extension to your browser, which will automatically install it.
    Adblock manages to block ads by preventing a blacklist of ad servers from loading. Through the analysis of the source code, the extension decides whether or not to prevent the opening of the site.

    How to disable Adblock

    For example, if you want to activate the viewing of videos on Virgilio Video, you can follow one of these simple guides relating to the most popular adblocks:

    Guide for Adblock

    Guide for Adblock Plus

    Guide for uBlock Origin

    Guide for Adblock Pro

    Guide for Ghostery

    Guide for Adguard AdBlocker

    How to disable the Adblock on a single site

    In order to add a site to the whitelist of Adblock just follow these very simple steps:

    The important is efollow these operations directly on the site or on the page that incorporates the content you want to see: for example if you want to see the contents of Virgilio Video, you will have to perform the operation on the page of the video you want to watch.

    Disable adblock on one site only with Chrome: Adblock Plus

    Adblock Plus is a valid alternative to Adblock, and allows you to add a domain to the whitelist by performing only two steps:

    Again, the operation must be performed on the content page you intend to view.

    Disable adblocking on only one site with Chrome: uBlock Origin

    Another fairly used Adblock is uBlock Origin and it, too, requires only two steps to be deactivated:

    Disable adblocking on one site only with Chrome: Adblock Pro

    Whitelist a site for Adblock pro it's just as simple:

    Disabling adblocking on only one site with Chrome: Ghostery

    Ghostery is not a real one adblock, but a software that blocks the tracking of our online activities. By activating the extension for Chrome it may happen that Ghostery blocks the viewing of a video and here, to insert the domain into the whitelist, follow these simple instructions:

    1. Click on the ghost icon at the top right

    Disabling adblocking on a single site with Chrome: Adguard AdBlocker

    Adguard AdBlocker is a very simple Chrome extension to use in case you want to whitelist a domain:

    Although adblocks have a number of advantages (faster website loading, improved user experience, greater personal data protection), there is also the downside: advertisements of companies, associations or people operating in areas on which the user is performing a search could in fact be deleted, and access to certain online content could even be limited or prevented.


    Chrome, how to disable adblocks on one site only

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