Chrome, Google announces app support for another two years

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Google takes a step back on Chrome app: they will not be abandoned by this year, as announced at the beginning of 2020, but the company will support them for a few more months. No variation, however, for the Chrome extensions for which Google has reiterated its full support.

Google, in fact, in its Chromium project blog specified that "Promoting a solid ecosystem of extensions is fundamental to Chrome's mission and we are committed to providing a useful extension platform to customize the browsing experience for all users" . The apps, on the other hand, will disappear but at different times than initially expected because Google has changed the timeline based on the feedback received from customers and partners. The new date for the final farewell at Chrome app, on all platforms, is now that of June 2022. By that date, the Chrome Apps will have to be converted to another form, otherwise they will disappear entirely.

Chrome App: the new timeline

In March 2020, Google stopped accepting the Chrome Web Store new “public” apps, that is, downloadable by all users of Chrome and Chromium-based browsers. The existing apps, however, can be updated until June 2022. Different speech, however, for the private apps (ie not shown to the public) developed by companies for internal use: administrators will be able to continue to develop new ones and distribute them through the Chrome Web Store.

A June 2021Instead, general support for Chrome Apps on Windows, Mac and Linux will end but companies will be able to offer an extension of support to their users, until June 2022. The date on which, if there are no other changes, everyone will have to say goodbye to Chrome apps, both public and private.

What will happen to the Chrome Apps

Chrome's apps haven't been very successful and that's why Google has decided to get them out of the way. To respect the needs of the few users and the companies that use them, however, Google has created a specific site to give information to app administrators in order to transition from Chrome App to one of the possible alternatives: Progressive Web App (PWA), which according to Google is the ideal choice, PWA with attached Chrome extension and simple extension. The site also offers specific information for apps developed for Chrome for Android.

Chrome, Google announces app support for another two years

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