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    Chrome, extensions to remove because they steal sensitive data

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    Le Chrome extensions can be a great convenience, adding new functions to the Google browser that are very useful to users. But, at the same time, they can be a serious danger. Like the two extensions accused by Facebook: UpVoice e Ads Feed Chrome.

    But what does it have to do with it Facebook with Chrome extensions? It has something to do with it, because the Menlo Park company has denounced the developers of the two extensions just mentioned in the United States because, according to Zuckerberg and his companions, they would be able to steal a lot of users' personal data, as well as the username and Password to enter your Facebook profile. The two extensions are offered to users for completely different purposes, not so clear and transparent to tell the truth, and for a long time they remained on the Google store, which only removed them in the last few hours. Here's how these two extensions work and why we should remove them all.

    Chrome extensions under fire

    UpVoice and Ads Feed Chrome are two extensions for Chrome developed, respectively, by the Israeli BrandTotal and the American Unimania.

    UpVoice arrived on the Chrome Store in September 2019 and offers Gift Vouchers to users who install some apps. Ads Feed Chrome arrived on the Chrome Store in November 2019, instead promising users to enter some sort of elite able to influence the major world advertising networks.

    According to Facebook, though, the two extensions are actually meant to raking up sensitive data while the user is browsing on Chrome: Facebook, Instagram, Twieet, Pinterest, YouTube and Linkedin profiles, Amazon accounts and much more will be stolen by these extensions.

    Facebook presses Google

    Before taking BrandTotal and Unimania to court, Facebook lobbied Google several times to remove the two extensions from its store. Pressures that have been successful only in the last few hours, after the news of the complaint by Facebook.

    Today the two extensions are no longer on the Chrome Store, but over 15.000 users worldwide have already installed them and, at this point, they should just remove them as a precaution.

    Chrome, extensions to remove because they steal sensitive data

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