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    Chrome becomes safer with Safety Check: what it is

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    After releasing it for the desktop version of Chrome, now Google is about to bring the “Safety Check“ to Android as well. The "all in one" check to know if our Chrome installation is safe, therefore, is also coming to mobile in order to increase users' browsing safety.

    For now there isn't one date of issue of the Safety Check on the stable version of Chrome, but the tool is coming to "Canary", that is the version of Chrome dedicated to beta testers. This version is not the one that users normally use, but it can be downloaded and installed from the website. The Safety Check on Android is a tool practically the same as the one already seen on the desktop browser, except for the check of extensions (which is not there because the extensions are not officially supported on Chrome for Android). So here's what exactly the Safety Check is and how it will be implemented on Chrome for Android.

    Safety Check: what it is and how it works

    Il Google Chrome Safety Check it is basically a tool that collects all the settings and settings in one place security checks of the browser. Through this tool it is possible to know if Chrome is updated to the latest version, check if "Safe Browsing" has been activated, that is the mode that protects navigation from insecure sites, check if our passwords have been violated in some data breach and check if extensions have been installed on the browser and then withdrawn because they are dangerous or unsafe. All this can be done simply by going into the settings of Chrome where, in the left column, there is the "Security check" button which is used to start the tool.

    Safety Check on Android: what changes

    In fact all that the Safety Check does today on Chrome for desktop will also do it on Android smartphones. The only exception, already mentioned, is the extension check because Google does not officially allow you to install extensions on Chrome for Android. If we have installed plugins through some tricks, then, they will not be checked. For activate the Safety Check today on Chrome for Android we will first have to download the Canary version of Chrome and then go to chrome: // flags, search for and activate "Safety Check" and, finally, go to the app settings and launch the security check.

    Chrome becomes safer with Safety Check: what it is

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