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    Chrome also goes to the dark side

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    In a few months too Google Chrome will have its own "dark mode". There was no official announcement from the developers, but some users found traces of the "dark mode"within the source code of the beta version of Google Chrome. The dark mode will already be integrated in the next versions of the browser: according to a road map published on the web, the "dark mode" should be integrated into the Chrome version 73 to then be released with Chrome 74. At the moment the latest version of Google Chrome on our PCs is number 71: the "dark mode" will not arrive before the summer.

    The "dark mode" is one of the most popular features of the moment. All the software houses and producers are releasing new updates that integrate the "dark mode". For example, Google has already done this for Android, and in the coming months it will release a dark mode for other applications as well. But what is dark mode for? In addition to optimizing battery consumption, does not tire the eyes of users and the blue light effect is less.

    How will Chrome be with dark mode

    It is still not clear how this will be possible enable dark mode on Google Chrome: most likely an option will be introduced to be activated in the Settings.

    From the few images published so far on the Net, with the “dark mode” the design of Google Chrome will be very similar to Incognito mode. The colors seem to be exactly the same and the developers are working to be able to distinguish the two modes. The biggest difficulty is being able to solve all usability problems that beta testers are experiencing in these first days of use. The idea is to differentiate the two modes for the color of the tabs or icons. But alternative solutions are also in the works.

    Dark mode also comes to smartphones

    The "dark mode" it will not be exclusive to the version of Chrome for Windows 10. Google is working to implement the "dark mode" on the mobile application as soon as possible and it is not excluded that they will be released at the same time. A few more months and the "dark side of the force" will conquer even the most used browser in the world.

    Chrome also goes to the dark side

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