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    Chrome, a hidden function arrives: how to activate it

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    Good news for fans of streaming TV series: Google is testing one new Chrome feature, which will allow us to see “all of our shows in one place“. To be precise, in a new browser tab, called “Kaleidoscope“.

    At the moment, very little information is available on this new feature that is in initial testing phase, for a very small number of users. It would seem, however, that it will be possible to use it with Netflix, Amazon Prime video and Disney + accounts, perhaps even with others as it is developed further. Or perhaps, like many other Google ideas that fell into thin air, Kaleidoscope will never become an official Google Chrome feature or be incorporated into something more complex. Google's idea, however, seems clear: to convince users to use Chrome to log into all of your streaming accounts instead of jumping from app to app.

    How Kaleidoscope works on Chrome

    Basically Kaleidoscope presents itself as a "hub", a collector of non-Google streaming services. Entering in the address bar “chrome: // kaleidoscope /” and pressing enter opens a page that tells us: “All your shows in one place. You can see your favorite shows in one post, no matter where they are hosted. Select the services you use below "and then three icons appear with as many checkboxes: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video e Disney +.

    After selecting the services to which we are subscribed we must press "Next" and a second window appears that says "Continue to look on all your devices". But then the page does not contain anything else. This makes us understand that we are still at initial tests but, at the same time, that we will be able to use Kaleidoscope also from mobile and, probably, also from smart TV.

    When Kaleidoscope arrives on Chrome

    La new Kaleidoscope feature is available only for users of the "Canary" version of Google Chrome, that is the fourth and most "extreme" of the Chrome update release channels (the others are "Stable", "Beta" and "Dev") through which the features are released at the beginning of the test, and this already tells us that it will take a long time before we see Kaleidoscope running on the “Stable” versions (which are the official ones, which we all use daily). Those who today do not have a Canary version of Chrome and visit the chrome: // kaleidoscope / address, on the other hand, receive an error message: "The site cannot be reached".

    Chrome, a hidden function arrives: how to activate it

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