After years of waiting, Google Chromecast is on sale on Amazon

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acquistare Google Chromecast directly on Amazon? Now it is possible. From today, in pre-order, you can buy the device made by Big G to transform color TVs, even the oldest ones, into smart devices via HDMI port and be able to enjoy movies, TV series, music and much more directly on your TV. from your own smartphone.

Il dongle of Google for sale on the giant dedicated to e-commerce is the best known model among those made by Mountain View. It is in fact the classic version, which allows you to transmit the contents visible on your device to your TV and make it, in effect, a real "smart" device. Once connected to the TV via HDMI port, in fact, this device allows you to perform the screen mirroring of their smartphone, tablet o laptop, thus taking advantage of the larger size for an improved viewing experience. Once connected, you can also enjoy all the contents of those streaming services, such as Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and many others, obviously by signing up for a subscription where required, with just one click on theCast icon.

Google and Amazon, are relations between companies changing?

Certainly, this is a good sign of reconciliation between the two giants in the sector. In fact, so far Chromecast had never appeared among the products for sale directly by the platform led by Jeff Bezos, as is happening right now. In fact, from the specifications shown on the page dedicated to the Google dongle, the product is "sold and shipped from Amazon", and no longer from third party sellers related to the marketplace as it had sporadically happened in the past.

The sale of the device, in fact, could represent only the first step of rapprochement between the two companies. In fact, it is not to be excluded that in the future Amazon could also sell the new one Google TV, the most advanced model that represents one of the most valid competitors of Amazon Fire TV Stick (here's what it can do to make traditional TVs smart), which has recently come into its own third generation.

Google Chromecast on Amazon, sales details

Google Chromecast is on sale on Amazon at price of 39 euro, in line with the Big G shop. Currently, it is possible to order the device that will actually be available starting from 23th April (as reported in the page details). For delivery, at least as regards customers enrolled in the Prime service, it will be necessary to wait for the next few days since it is scheduled for next 30 April; in any case, for more detailed information, you can consult the summary page available at the time of purchase.

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